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Jillian Bullock aka The Legitimate Fixer

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Jillian Bullock, Author of the memoir HERE I STAND

Jillian Bullock aka The Legitimate Fixer #JillianBullock

“From Crack Street, To Wall Street, To Success”

Jillian Bullock is the author of the tell-all non-fiction book which chronicles her life as an African-American girl raised by her mother and white stepfather, who was a member of the Philadelphia Italian Mafia during the 60’s and 70’s. 

The story of how Jillian’s white stepfather, Jake, raised her since she was two years old. He came to love her as his own fresh and blood. Even though he could never marry Jillian’s mother, or risked being killed by the Mob, Jake lived with his interracial family nonetheless on the other side of town, away from where the traditional Mob families lived.

Jillian didn’t have your typical upbringing. Living in an all-white neighborhood she was learning how to shoot guns and witnessed Mob hits while other girls were playing with dolls and jumping rope.

Despite Jake’s dangerous life of crime, he and Jillian had a unique relationship which revolved around their love of films. Every Sunday, Jake would take Jillian to the movies and they would stay until the last credit rolled. It was Jake who instilled in Jillian that she would become a filmmaker. He made her promise that she would one day fulfill his dream.



HERE I STAND will take readers into the dark and violent world of how Mobsters operated and how being a ruthless gangster often put Jake into difficult situations as he tried to balance a life of crime with being a loving father and mate.

After Jake died, Jillian’s mother got married and the family moved to Florida. However, her new stepfather was abusive and it wasn’t long before Jillian found herself kicked out of the house. She was only 15. Relying on what Jake taught her, Jillian survived the streets the best way she could – through criminal activity. Tired of fighting off homeless men who tried to rape her while she slept on park benches or in abandoned buildings, Jillian succumbed to prostitution in order to get a bed, meals and protection. To mask her emotional pain - thinking she failed Jake and she would never fulfill his dream of becoming a filmmaker - Jillian started using drugs and became addicted to crack cocaine.

If wasn’t until Jillian became pregnant at age 16, when she knew she had to find a way to get off the streets, kick drugs, and go back to school for the sake of her unborn child.


Jillian, age 17, with her son, Clinton, 6 months old

How she was able to do this daunting and unbelievable task and work toward fulfilling Jake’s dream, which by this time had become her own, fills out the last part of HERE I STAND.

(Graduation from La Salle University)

(Reporter at the Wall Street Journal Newspaper)

Although HERE I STAND was published in 2012, it is now getting more attention and sales because Jillian is in demand to speak at schools, businesses, corporations, conferences, events, and non-profit organizations. 



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https://jillianbullockspeaker.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Speaker-Jillian-Bullock-300x297.jpgJillian Bullock, aka “The Legitimate Fixer of Transformational Development”© is a renowned and highly sought-after professional speaker, life coach, author, and fitness, health and wellness expert. Jillian became a speaker and certified life coach after her memoir, HERE I STAND was published in 2012 and she started getting letters and emails from people all across the country, including people in correctional institutions. They all asked her the two same questions: How she turned her life around? Can she help them?


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Jillian got her start in film when she attended La Salle University and studied Communications. A part of the curriculum focused heavily on film production. While she attended college, Jillian worked as a reporter for the Wall Street Journal. After graduation in 1991, Jillian got an internship on the set of Spike Lee’s movie Malcolm X.


Fighting Spirit Warriors

Empowering Females to Be Victors, Not Victims 

Jillian Bullock empowers girls and women in the United States by conducting speaking engagements, classes, seminars, and workshops at events, women organizations, expos, correctional facilities, non-profit organizations, government agencies, corporations, churches, schools, and businesses. With her real-life, tell-it-like-it is experience, Jillian teaches females how to be inspired, empowered and confident by learning how to make healthy and productive choices in their lives.


About Jillian

C:\Users\delayne\Pictures\jillian headshot.jpgFormer homeless prostitute, drug addict, high school dropout, and teenage mother to college educated author, speaker, fitness expert, life coach, and award winning filmmaker. It wasn't luck or being in the right place at the right time that allowed Jillian Bullock to transform her life from a Victim to a Victor. It was blood, sweat, and a whole lot of tears and putting in the work necessary that has made her the successful businesswoman she is today.


Fighting Spirit

At 18, Jillian returned to high school and graduated by age 20. While Jillian attended La Salle University in her 30’s, she had two additional children. Even when raising children as a single parent she went to college and worked as a reporter at for “The Wall Street Journal” newspaper.

Despite the fact that it took her eleven years to earn her BA degree, Jillian was determined to push forward and succeed. Through the years, she has continued to pursue education and learning opportunities. In 2013, Jillian became a certified professional life coach in order to help more people transform and “fix” their lives.

Jillian was able to transform her life through what she calls her ‘fighting spirit.’ Her amazing and powerful story is showcased in her memoir, HERE I STAND where readers learn how Jillian was able to overcome such horrific experiences and go on to transform her life.

Up Close and Personal

Today, Jillian is an author, athlete, professional speaker, screenwriter, and award-winning filmmaker. She is also the CEO of Jillian Bullock Enterprises, LLC, an empowerment and entertainment production company based in PA. (Read more of Jillian’s story)

Jillian's difficult past makes her the perfect advocate for men and women who are seeking to transform their lives.

To stay connected to her audiences, Jillian doesn’t rely on Powerpoint slides, handout sheets, or even videos. She is live, action-oriented, interactive, and up close and personal. Whether Jillian’s acting out a scene to make a point or demonstrating fitness moves for self-defense, she is front and center for her audience members to see.

As a speaker, Jillian formulated various empowerment and transformation programs where she took her street experiences and Mafia knowledge, her ability to overcome horrific experiences and personal challenges, and coupled that with her education, certifications, and professional skills. Clients and audience members learn through her programs how to transform their lives, empower self, build confidence and self-esteem, release weaknesses and replace negativity and self-defeating habits with strength, power, and confidence.

If you want to “fix” your life and achieve success and greatness, Jillian’s the speaker and life transformation expert who will teach you how.