Are You Ready To “Fix” Your Life?

Welcome to the first edition of my blog, The Legitimate Fixer. It has been a long time coming. I’ve been busy working on building a multi-million dollar entertainment production company, which takes lots of blood, sweat and tears. It hasn’t given me much time to do what I consider my true calling – helping people transform their lives and achieve greatness and success.

Why now?

As I recently wrapped my latest film project, “A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives,” which deals with veterans, PTSD and military sexual assault, I am now on the ASOP speaking tour to promote the movie. During Q&A sessions audience members often ask some tough questions about PTSD, rape, sexual assault, mental health, etc. Since it took me three years to do research on these subjects in order for me to write the script with accuracy, I became an expert. Now I can talk about these issues with confidence and give knowledgeable answers.

What I also learned from directing this movie is that people are hurting and suffering – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and/or physically. I understand the pain people are going through because I have been there.

If you haven’t read my memoir, “HERE I STAND,” here is some of my background.

HERE I STAND is the extraordinary true story of Jillian Bullock, a young, African-American woman, who grew up during the 60’s and 70’s with her mother, Janet, and her white stepfather, Jake, a member of the Philadelphia Italian Mafia, who was also a film enthusiast.

While Jillian was growing up Jake taught her everything from loan sharking to how to shoot guns. She also learned what happens when you mess with a Mobster’s family. When Jillian was eleven she was raped by a family friend. She told no one but Jake. The next day the rapist was found dead with a bullet to his head.

After Jake’s death, Jillian’s mother re-married a man who was abusive. One day, Jillian, who was now taking karate, used her skills to break up a fight between her mother and new stepfather. During the altercation with him, Jillian broke his nose. Instead of Jillian’s mother being grateful she came to her rescue her mother kicked Jillian out. She was homeless at age 15. In order to survive the streets, Jillian resorted to drugs, criminal activity and prostitution. However when she got pregnant at 16, Jillian knew she had to work hard to transform her life, not only for the sake of her unborn child, but to fulfill Jake’s dying wish for her to become a filmmaker and a screenwriter.

Jillian fought to get off the streets, literally and figuratively. She also worked to remain drug free and complete high school, while she raised a baby. Jillian defied the odds by getting an internship at the Wall Street Journal newspaper while she studied communications and film at La Salle University. Before she graduated from college, Jillian transitioned from an intern to a full-time reporter.


How It All Started

When my memoir was published people from all walks of life started contacting me for advice, from corporate executives to people in correctional facilities. I would always get the same two questions – “How did you turn your life around?” “Can you help me do the same?”

I took a course at college to become a certified professional life coach. To become a transformational speaker, I honed my speaking skills through workshops and organizations like Toastmasters. I did extensive research on topics I would talk about. I booked some speaking engagements and I saw how my story and my advice helped audiences walk away with a feeling they could transform their lives despite the hardships, challenges or obstacles against them. Right then I knew that was my passion.  My true calling – to help others live full, productive, healthy, and successful lives.

How I Will Help You

If you’ve ever watched the TV shows “Ray Donovan” or “Scandal,” you know that the actors Liev Schreiber and Kerry Washington portray “fixers.” Their job is to fix messes their clients get into by any means necessary.


My moniker is “The Legitimate Fixer,” because I help people “fix” their lives. Having grown up with my stepfather, who was in the Italian Mafia, I learned early on how Mobsters “fix” things. Sometimes my stepfather negotiated, most times he used violence. To survive the streets, I had to use many of the tactics he taught me and those methods saved my life on numerous occasions.

As someone who had to pull myself up by my bootstraps to get off the streets, kick drugs and leave behind the street thug mentality, I learned over the years that it was important for me to keep just a bit of that street mentality, especially when it came to dealing with men in big business and in entertainment. Sometimes I have to negotiate, but thankfully I’ve never had to resort to violence. That just wouldn’t be right.

However, as a professional speaker and life coach, I, sometimes, do use street smarts, along with my college education, skills, training, and experiences in my work with clients and audiences.

My motto – “Straight Talking Truth For Those Who Can Handle The Truth” comes from me knowing what it takes to overcome tremendous obstacles and challenges. I don’t sugarcoat or pull punches when it comes to how rough it will be to transform your life. I don’t allow you to make excuses and do pity parties. I give you tools and advice for what it will take for you to live an empowered and abundant life filled with success and greatness; filled with happiness and pleasure; filled with purpose and passion.

Positive Energy Only

My weekly blogs will include articles, information, tips, advice, and knowledge to help you “fix” your life. You will also be able to ask me questions and I’ll respond within 48 hours. My promise to you – if I do not have an answer for your question I will enlist the help of another expert source. Just to make this clear, I am a certified professional life coach. I am not a therapist, a psychologist or a psychiatrist, nor am I a medical doctor. My answers are my opinions only.

This is a public forum, so if you don’t want your name included with your question, just use your initials. This is a healthy, positive and safe place for people to come, so there will be no negativity allowed, no curse words, no nasty comments, no political or religious talk, no putting others down. Respect 100% at all times or you will be blocked.

Are Your Ready To “Fix” Your Life?



C:\Users\delayne\Pictures\jillian headshot.jpg “Straight Talking Truth For Those Who Can Handle The Truth”

Jillian Bullock, aka “The Legitimate Fixer” is one of the leading intellectual voices in the country on transforming people and teaching them how to “fix” their lives. She is a frequent speaker on a variety of topics including: health, fitness, wellness, self-defense, rape and sexual assault, domestic violence, and personal and professional development. Jillian is an expert source for various magazines and on-line publications relating to the topics listed above. She has spoken at non-profit organizations, corporations, government agencies, correctional facilities, women’s organizations, businesses, and colleges.

Along with being a certified professional life coach, author and an award winning filmmaker,  Jillian is a fitness expert and martial artist. She holds two black belts, one in Tae Kwon Do and the other in Wing Chun. She currently trains in MMA (mixed martial arts). Jillian is the creator of the award winning national program, Fighting Spirit Warriors: Fit 2 Fight 2 Have A Safe Life, which is a fitness for self-defense program for girls and women.

To learn more about Jillian go to –

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Are You Ready To “Fix” Your Life?