Fighting Spirit Warriors: The Tour

 Jillian Bullock’s Amazing Mission “To Reach and To Teach” 1 million Girls and Women Fitness For Self-Defense in Six Months


Now that award winning filmmaker Jillian Bullock’s movie, “A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives” (it deals with veterans, PTSD and military sexual assault) is completed, she has turned to her next project, Fighting Spirit Warriors: Fit 2 Fight 2 Have A Safe Life. This fitness for self-defense program teaches females why it’s vital physically fit to help reduce their chances of becoming a victim of rape, sexual assault or domestic violence.

Fighting Spirit Warriors: Fit 2 Fight 2 Have A Safe Life is an award winning, nationally recognized cutting edge fitness program which consists of using martial arts and boxing drills along with functional body weight exercises, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, and medicine balls to help females get in the best shape of their lives and at the same time greatly improve strength, core, cardio conditioning, endurance, speed, balance, power, flexibility, coordination, stability, agility, explosiveness, and mobility. An all-around perfect workout that will whip females in the best shape of their lives. Girls and women also learn how to use these specific exercises to help defend themselves, if necessary.

Beginning in August 2017, Jillian and her training partner, John Quinlan, will tour the country starting from Philadelphia, PA and travel throughout the country to conduct her program at corporations, non-profit organizations, events, churches, businesses, colleges, government agencies, veterans organizations, and retreats.

At each stop, Jillian and John will keep a tally of the females in attendance in order to ensure that 1 million females have been reached in six months. It is a lofty goal, but Jillian, who was raped when she was a young girl, is on a mission to empower females be Victors, not Victims.

(Jillian Bullock - Creator and Founder)

Jillian Bullock is the creator and founder of the award winning program Fighting Spirit Warriors: Fit 2 Fight 2 Have A Safe Life. As a seasoned martial artist and boxer, Jillian holds two black belts; one in Wing Chun and the other in Tae Kwon Do. She currently trains in mixed martial arts and boxing. She also trains with weights and kettlebells.


Jillian is a professional speaker and a certified professional life coach. She gives speeches and is a media expert on a variety of topics including: safety and preventive measures against rape or sexual assault, how to spot a violent or sexual predator, and the RED flag warning signs of an abuser.


(John Quinlan - Training Partner)

John Quinlan has been involved in fitness, bodybuilding and wrestling for over 20 years. He has competed in more than 25 fitness and physique contests throughout the years. As a wrestler, John trained with some of the greats and was mentored in wrestling by late Walter “Killer” Kowalski.

(John Quinlan learning wrestling moves from the legendary wrestling coach Walter Kowalski)

A certified personal trainer, John is focused on working with Jillian and her Fighting Spirit Warriors: Fit 2 Fight 2 Have A Safe Life program for girls and women.

John is not only a fitness expert, he is also the lead male actor in Jillian’s upcoming movie, “A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives.” Jillian and John met five years ago through Facebook when they connected due to their fitness background.

(Jillian Bullock and John Quinlan)

Since then they have formed a close friendship and working relationship.

Jillian and her producing team, Lamont Fountain and Delayne Powe, are also working on a TV pilot for a show about Fighting Spirit Warriors. The show will be called “Fit 2 Fight 2 Have a Safe Life.” The pilot will include portions of the Tour, Jillian demonstrating fitness exercises for self-defense, beginner and advanced self-defense techniques with Jillian and John, interviews with some of the women at a number of Fighting Spirit workshops, and the important message behind the show – “Empowering Females To Be Victors, Not Victims.”


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Learn What It Takes To Become Fit 2 Fight 2 Have A Safe Life.

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