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Your Past Doesn’t Dictate What Your Future Will BePeople make mistakes, have shortcomings, screw up, or they find themselves in pretty dire circumstances, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make a comeback and still follow their dreams. You’ll hear from Jillian Bullock and how she sunk to the depths of hell, clawed her way back, and ultimately transformed her life from a victim to a victor in her personal and professional life. Her story will move you to action.

Resilience: 20 Steps to Finding Your Fighting SpiritSome people are born fighters, those who know how to kick butt no matter what stands in their way. Others need to learn how to find their fighting spirit in order to knock down obstacles and barriers or to come back from a devastating event, situation or experience.

How to Deprogram Negative, Toxic and Self-Defeating Behaviors, Choices, Attitudes, and ActionsIf you are what you eat, then you are definitely what you think. Learn how to channel positive, uplifting, empowering messages to your brain and deprogram the negative self-talk and toxic messages that eat away at your greatness.

How to Become a Successful Human Being and it Has Nothing to Do With MoneyMany people seek fame and fortune thinking that will solve all their problems. Once it is obtained many of those same people are miserable. Learn what it means to be a truly successful person.

Stop the Blame Game: Take 100% Responsibility for Your LifeThere comes a time when you must take control of your life and stop blaming everybody – parents, spouse, teachers, pastor, friends, co-workers, etc. – for where you are in your life. You will learn how to start the process to acceptance of where you are now and how you can turn your life around.


Mental and Emotional HealthPeople often must deal with horrific, sad, unhappy, disappointing, and stressful events in life. These experiences can cause depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other mental health issues. To be successful personally and professional it is imperative that your mind and spirit be healthy. Learn what steps you need to take to overcome mental and emotional issues in order to thrive and be whole.

Find Your Passion, Live Your Dream at Any AgePassion should be what gets you out of bed in the morning, knowing you are working toward living your dream. Lessons taught will be how you, despite your age, can find passion in life and use that to make your dreams a reality.

Why it’s Important to Fail in Order to Succeed in BusinessFailure is a must if you want to succeed. Everyone has failed at one time or another – from professional athletes to the average Joe or Josephine. Without failure you cannot grow. Learn how to use failure to your advantage in order to succeed.

How to Be a Champion and Think Like a WinnerWinners in life have a certain mentality and that’s how they become champions. You must learn how to reset your mind in order to become confident, bold, fearless, and a winner.

Goal-setting and PreparationIt is one thing to have a dream, it is another to know how to turn that dream into a goal, then into reality. Learn what steps you must take through goal-setting that will prepare you for professional success.

Baby Steps Toward Greatness – Nothing happens overnight. With that in mind, the small, baby steps you put into motion are just as big as making a big jump. You will learn why it’s important to take baby steps to help ensure greatness.


Female Teenagers and Women

Are You a Victim and You Don't Know It? – Many females live in an abusive, destructive, toxic or unfulfilling relationship and don’t even realize it for a number of reasons – denial, guilt, upbringing, etc. During this lecture women will get a clear understanding of what being a victim looks like and how to transform the victim mentality.

The Psychology Behind Becoming a Victim – Although it has been said that no female deserves to be raped, sexually assaulted, or abused, (and that’s true), that doesn’t mean females shouldn’t be 100% responsible for their actions and decisions, especially when those choices can cause them harm or set them up to become a victim. This lecture will highlight the numerous ways females allow themselves to become easy targets, many times unknowingly, and how to change these behaviors.

Understanding the Predator - A man may look clean cut, be well-educated, wear expensive clothes, or foster a personality that is sweet, charming or loveable, but he could still be the next Ted Bundy. Jillian will arm women with information and tips on how to spot a man who is looking to do them serious harm emotionally or physically. These men include - The Sexual Predator, The Physical Predator, The Serial Killer, and The Stalker.

Protect Yourself: Safety and Preventive Measures – Situational awareness is the key to safety for girls and women. Most females don’t know how to spot danger in order to avoid it. In this lecture, Jillian will break down the steps to situational awareness at home, at work, on public transportation, at an event, or on the streets.

Safe Dating Tips - This topic is for girls and women, ages 15 and up. Dating is supposed to be fun, but it can end tragically if females aren't knowledgeable about the dating tips that will keep them safe.

RED Flag Warning Signs of an Abuser - Domestic violence comes in many forms – physical, mental, emotional, financial, and sexual. If you could have a crystal ball and see if the next guy you date was a gentleman or an abuser wouldn't you pay practically any amount of money for that information? During this topic, Jillian will be your crystal ball and give you tips and guidelines on how you can spot the RED flag warnings signs of an abuser before you get deeply involved.

Domestic Violence in the Workplace (For employers and employees) On average, four to five women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends each day in the United States and women experience two million injuries from intimate partner violence each year.  Domestic violence can follow victims to work, spilling over into the workplace when a victim is harassed, receives threatening phone calls, is absent because of injuries or is less productive due to extreme stress. Domestic violence is a serious, recognizable and preventable problem, similar to other workplace health and safety issues that affect businesses and their bottom lines.

What to Do and What Not to Do if You Have Been Raped or Sexually Assaulted – Females who have experienced rape or sexual assault, a violent crime that leaves physical, emotional and psychological scars, can empower themselves by helping the police bring their perpetrator to justice. Jillian will teach females the steps they should take if they have been violated. She will also include steps for females to take to start the healing process.

Parents and Your Children

Safeguard Your Child Against Bullying – Each day hundreds of children in the United States commit suicide as a result of being bullied by other children. Learn what you can do to help your child not to become a bully victim.

Teach Your Daughter to Be the Ultimate Badass – It is a parent’s job to not only love their daughter(s), but to guide them to become empowered young woman in school, in the workplace, and in their everyday life. Females need to know the steps to take to be confident, fierce, and a badass in this world.

Teach Your Son to How to Be a Gentleman – Boys and young men play a crucial part in the lives of girls and young women. By teaching your son(s) early the right way to relate a female, to have respect and honor, this will not only make him a good husband one day, but a productive member of society in the way he views females.

Deprogram the Parent, Not the Child - If you are having problems with your children, because they’re acting out, are disrespectful, don’t listen to you or other authority figures, or a number of other issues that’s stressing you out, look no further than yourself.  Unless your child has been diagnosed with a mental health issue, then YOU are the problem. Learn the ways you are aiding your child in unacceptable behavior. Then learn how you can turn their behavior around before it’s too late.

How to Raise Children You and Society Will Like - In the world we live in today with social media consuming the minds of your children, it takes a whole lot of effort to make sure you child(ren) will transform into productive, healthy, successful, and positive adults. It is the parents’ job to make sure you are raising your children to be mindful, respectful, productive, caring, loving, and nurturing human beings.

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